Partnering with KRQE to Shoe the Children

We began partnering with the KRQE Cares Shoes of Kids project in late 2013.  Our goal is to give a new pair of shoes to EVERY child in Title 1 schools in New Mexico.  The volunteers of Assistance League of Albuquerque and the KRQE Staff, Anchors, Reporters along with the staff from Payless ShoeSource and United Healthcare distribute shoes to children in APS Title 1 schools on designated days.  We began by using a list of those schools that are 100% Title 1 with an extended goal move on to other districts in New Mexico.

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go here for a list of Payless ShoeSource locations to drop off shoes

There is Order at Lomas!

Our “freshened “ thrift shop holds even more inventory than we did before—and in a much more organized presentation.  The better organization make is easy for both the patron and the volunteer to find what they are looking for.

Our donations have been over to the area behind the blue doors as seen in the photo to the right.  This allows us to sort materials and fully utilize our donations.  A majority of the materials that cannot be used in the Shop go into our “Shared” programs (See the many bins in the photos below).  Our sharing includes everything from metal recycling to recycling of torn fabric items to be made into insulation.  See the detailed information on our Sharing Programs that may come as a complete surprise.  We love being an important agent for positive change in Albuquerque.

Getting the Thrift Shop Ready for 2017!

We are giving the shop a complete cleaning. After carefully culling the inventory in the Thrift shop we are resurfacing the floor, adding adaptations to the rolling racks, creating better storage, and better more user-friendly displays. With all the renovations going on our shop is closed and will reopen on January 12 with new winter hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Please also note that the Blue Portal is closed through the months of January and February.  After all, a hundred year old building takes extra care to keep it in shape.  Blue Portal will open again on March 7.

AAL Wins Grant from PNM Reduce Your Use

reduce-use-pnm-awardAssistance League of Albuquerque recently received $1,000 PNM Reduce Your Use grant award.  The money will be used to convert florescent lights at Church Street to energy saving LED lights, as well as change out incandescent fixtures with LED fixtures.   Giving back to our community, especially children in need, requires funding for our philanthropic programs.  In order to maximize program funding, Assistance League has completed several projects in recent years that allowed us to significantly reduce our energy bills.  Many of those projects have been possible because of our PNM grants.  We are grateful for their continued support and look forward to future collaboration.

Our Volunteers Truly Rock!

10-24-meeting-16Nothing tells the story of a philanthropic organization better than the actions of its volunteers! We would like to take a moment to send a shout out to our volunteers!

Just to give you an idea, our volunteers hours last year reached 63,641 hours, which is equal to $1,499,381.96 at the recognized rate for a volunteer hour ($23.56/hour). Additionally our community volunteers put in another 1372 hours (or $32,329)!shoe-10

If you ever wondered how the Assistance League of Albuquerque is able to make such a difference in peoples’ lives, well there’s your answer right there!

Let’s give a big round of applause for these loving, altruistic, wonderful people………





Assistance League of Albuquerque Joins “Read Across America”

IIMG_7976ts’ Dr. Seuss Birthday and Assistance League of Albuquerque joins the Read Across America effort to make sure every child at a particular school gets to select a book of their own Choosing.  Particularly popular – The Wizard of Oz books.  Hard to keep a great classic down.  In addition Assistance League members read books to each of the classes for a different interactive offering.

Read Across America is a national event sponsored
by NEA (National Education Association) in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  It is celebrated on March 2 each year by adults committing to read to a child on that day.  This year, under the sponsorship of Operation School Bell, about 30 Assistant League members and associated volunteers read to about 350 students at Tomasita Elementary School.  We also gave each child the opportunity to select a book to take home as well as pencils, bracelets, and an art IMG_7972project for the younger students.  The staff at Tomasita was gracious and helpful and the students were fantastic!  In fact, we had two helpers from the 5th grade who stayed with us the entire morning and brought classes to the book room to choose their books and run errands for us.

An Assistance League side note: one of our helpers, Alex received shoes last year at the shoe distribution at Lowell Elementary School.  He remembered us, had his shoes on and showed them to me smiling – “almost like new.”


Kid’s Feet Matter

Through Assistance League, we purchased shoes for all the kids enrolled at Cuidando Los Niños as well as for their siblings.  One of those boys is ten, lives in his car because he is homeless, and is on the Honor Roll at school.  He arrived at Cuidando after school as the shoes from Payless Shoes were being unloaded.  Payless had marked the shoe boxes with the recipients’ names.  He offered to help unpack the shoes.  When he saw the box marked with his name – Philip – he asked if the shoes were for him.  When he was told that they were, he started crying and couldn’t believe that he had been given a new pair of shoes to replace his held together with tape.

Sherri Wells who is the Development Director for Cuidando asked the parents and children that they serve what constitutes security for them.  The parents wanted enough gas in the car to get to work. The kids wanted new shoes.  Apparently, lack of decent shoes is a major cause for bullying.

Who knew a pair of new shoes is a treasure?

— Roberta Boggess
Assistance League Albuquerque
Education Chair
Assault Survivor Kits®/
Kids Are Pretty Special Chair

Make a Difference Day

make-a-difference-day-9Make a Difference Day was a success! October 2014, we celebrated Make a Difference Day throughout the community by collecting children’s books for Title 1 schools. We collected over 1400 books which went to three Albuquerque schools. We held a celebration at our Thrift Shop where we hosted representatives from Emerson Elementary School, Valle Vista Elementary School, and Mt. View Elementary School.

make-a-difference-day-3Among the invited guests was Laurie Everhart who is both the Title I Director for Albuquerque Public Schools and one of our chapter’s advisors. Children who represented their schools chose an extra book and received a Halloween gift bag containing pencils, note pads, stickers, and crayons with a Halloween theme. After cookies, cider, and smiles, the children and representatives delivered the new books to their schools.