Blue Portal Closed for Restoration

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Blue Portal | 0 comments

The Blue Portal will be closed until further notice in order to make restorations.

The original rooms of the facility we now know as Blue Portal were constructed between 1900 and 1902.  Albuquerque was in its’ infancy and construction techniques differ greatly from todays.  We have terrone walls.  This Spanish word meaning. “a flat clod of earth” refers to the type of adobe brick made of cut sod or turf material found in boggy river-bottom locations, particularly in the Rio Grande flood plain areas.  The foundation is that same earth, and some rubble – common for that time.  Over the decades, there have been 5 (at least) layers of flooring at Blue Portal…and they have disintegrated .  This leaves our church street property with a massive redo of the foundation necessitating the additional closure time.  It will be fantastic when finished – date to be announced.  Our “base” will never be better as we move into our 40th year of business in Old Town.